Dear Jamaica,

You were the most worthwhile thing I have ever done. That was honestly THE most amazing trip I have ever taken. I’m so glad I went. Although, I probably won’t be returning as a PVI, I’ll try to come back next year and enjoy you and do good work for your people.



Dear Cold,
you couldn’t have waited until NEXT Saturday? You had to make your grand appearance today?

Fuck you.


Dear Professor Rivers,

Sorry my journals are not done. I got distracted on twitter about half way through the second one, and then I had to go to class… SORRY!



Dear Followers,

Failed at this AGAIN. It’s been a really busy week. So I’ll just tell you all about it…

Monday February 21st,
NO SCHOOL. Got a ridiculous amount of homework done, and studied a little for my test.

Tuesday February 22nd,
Welcomed the Kochi Women’s University students to Elms! They’re all sooooo cute. Had a really good time chatting and having dinner even though I missed a lot because I was at work.

Wednesday February 23rd,
DAY FROM HELL. Probably bombed my Psychology exam. She is literally the hardest test giver EVER. No study guides, no hints about what might be on the test… so you’d better have a photographic memory or NO A FOR YOU. Then class and work and the bake sale and then the Chicopee Chamber of Commerce dinner/schmooze fest. Met some RANDOM business people, got a donation for Jamaica, AND met a teacher! She said she’d help me meet a first and second grade teacher! WOOO!!!

Thursday February 24th,
Had a bunch of other shit to do today but none of it matters… my little Julie Bug is THREE today! I can’t even BELIEVE it. Where did the time go??? I feel like I was just itching to go home and she was just a few days old. God. I’m not ready. Mom talked to her today and she said that Julie said: “I’m three today. AND I’m tall.” *smh* She’s kinda the cutest thing ever. <33

When did this little thing:

Become this “tall” thing?

Dear The Cast of BeatleMania

You fucking rocked my world tonight. I really needed “Here Comes the Sun” and “Let it Be” and also “Hey Jude” I just… gahhhhh. Remind me why I wasn’t alive in the 60’s again?



Dear Train,

I agree with John. Stop. I want to get off and go home again. I can’t take this speed we’re moving in….

I’m only good at being young.


Dear Zombies,

Why’d you have to go and eat my uterus? This is not a pleasant feeling- and it makes for much discomfort.

Stop biting me.


Dear Tears,

Stop falling in front of people that I wish hadn’t seen me cry.

Dear Valentines; Aubrey, Tessa, Hillary, Melissa, Kaylee, and Karissa,

Thank you for much needed Valentines Day cheering up.

Aubs- I know YOU didn’t actually make the chocolates (I mean, you’re 2 months old, let’s be serious)… but you’re cute. And your mom should go into the dessert business.

Tessa & Hillary- Thanks for always knowing what to say to make me feel better. And staying up and texting me until ridiculous hours of the night.

Melissa- Thanks for the confetti… butt head. Your card made my day. It’s sitting properly sealed on my desk where no stray hearts can contaminate my glitter free room!

Kaylee & Karissa- Thank you for my valentine card. I think I should sue Disney for making a profit of my princessdom. :)

<33, JP

Dear Heart,

Next time stay guarded. Don’t let anyone in…. because THIS is what happens to you when you don’t. This. Right here. Is my. HEARTBREAK.